Our Story

We are fourth generation California farmers.  Our almonds are very unique.  They taste different.  They are different.  They are grown in soils our forefathers knew ---  biodiverse and productive.    Our diversity and vitality are proven and certified.  It took us over a generation to develop a proprietary, sustainable method to re-create virgin soils. 

Distinct and Superior to Organic® -- We believe there is a better way.  Our methods restore the biodiversity that modern farming practices have depleted over generations. We know of no other farming method that is more sustainable as we work tirelessly to protect the environment for future generations.

Almonds sold today are typically mixed all together from many different ranches and growers.  Ours are not.  Our almonds are like fine wine – they are estate grown and only originate from our Hickman Ranch – one of the finest almond ranches in the world.  Our ranch is located in East Stanislaus County, with its nutrient rich, prolific soils and ideal almond growing climate.    And our Hickman Ranch, with its legacy almond acreage, has exceptional access to some of the purest and most pristine water known to man originating from the Sierra Nevada snowpack in Yosemite National Park.  Our ranch’s history goes back to 1850, the same time California became a state, when the first major settler of the area Charles Dallas selected our ranch for its natural characteristics, including fertile soil and location in the Tuolumne River corridor. In fact, here’s a picture of the old ranch cistern built in 1889.


These factors make our ranch truly the sweetest spot on earth to grow almonds, and it is in the top 1% among almond growing regions.

Just as award winning vines pick up the unique flavor profiles of the soil, our almond trees produce almonds that truly taste different due to the diversity, vibrancy and richness of our soils and world renowned growing region(1).

Biodiversity increases human, plant and soil health.  Healthy soils grow a more vibrant, robust and healthy nut.  Eating the nut connects us to the soil.  We have created Healthy Soils for a Healthier YOU!®



1. Beans, Carolyn. Sept 12 2020 pp. 9-23. Science. What place means for taste.